Holland Marine Parts Jet Thrusters

Jet Thrusters Brochure and Specifications
After years of development, an unprecedented system has entered the market that facilitates the manoeuvring of sailing boats or motorboats by the use of water pressure thrust. The Jet-Thruster system sucks up water with an electric pump unit. With the use of flexible hoses, the water is subsequently expelled below the water line through water jet nozzles under high pressure. The directly present water pressure makes it possible to turn the bow or stern, which and makes the vessel highly manoeuvrable. Turning to starboard or port side is a matter of electrically operating the three-way valve
system with a joystick. The Jet-Thruster can be installed on vessels of 7 to 20 metres and is suitable for steel, wood, polyester and aluminium vessels. The Jet-Thruster can be installed as a single or dual system on the bow and stern.

Holland Marine Parts Installation Manual
Holland Marine Parts Installation Manual and User Guide for Bow Thrusters

The Jet Thruster systems by Holland Marine Parts are made of quality materials. For the correct and safe operation of the Jet Thruster you have purchased, we recommend having it professionally installed.
A professional installation taking into account the recommendations in this installation / user manual guarantees a well-working system.

This installation manual has been prepared with the utmost care. If you experience installation trouble please contact your Jet Thruster dealer. We point out that some vessels require adjustments to assure their integrity. For all your questions about this please contact your shipbuilder.

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